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ANdre d. carroll will fight for us!

Andre D. Carroll was born and raised in Germantown and has organized at the state & city level for nearly a decade to make government work for us.  


He was raised by his grandmother, is a proud product of Philly Public Schools, and understands what it means to grow up in a neighborhood that’s been left behind for way too long.

Andre was raised by his single grandmother, because his father spent the majority of his life incarcerated and his mother has been struggling with addiction since before he was born.


As a grandchild, Andre’s grandmother taught him that hard work, perseverance and identifying opportunity were some of the most important traits to have. These lessons helped to motivate Andre to not only try to enrich himself, but also to invest in and

support the growth of others.

It was after the death of his grandmother that Andre, still very young himself, committed himself to providing support and resources for his younger brother, trying to be the best older sibling he could be. 

Because of this Andre has gone on to become an educator for the Philadelphia education system from which he graduated. While working for the Philadelphia City Controller’s Office, he successfully created a financial literacy program for high school students. Andre dedicates his life to public service, volunteering for important elections notably Senator Bernie Sanders who ran for President, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, Councilmember Isaiah Thomas, and various judicial candidates including the honorable Judge Lori Dumas. In addition, Andre worked as Campaign Manager for Working Families Party candidate Nicolas O’Rourke, who ran for Philadelphia City Council in 2019.Andre also worked for PA State Senator Anthony H. WIlliams, helping connect constituents to resources. ​


There are 4.6 million opportunity youth in this country, which means there are over 4 million young adults disconnected from school or employment. Coming from this background Andre understands what it means to work a full time job and take classes at night. His journey has allowed him to obtain a degree in business administration from Pierce College, attend Temple University and ultimately led to him having to drop out due to financial hardship.


Andre currently sits on the board of The Brothahood Foundation, which serves incarcerated juveniles facing adult criminal charges. Andre also serves on the Philadelphia District Attorney Youth Aid Panel, which helps prevent juveniles from getting a criminal record after being arrested. Having grown up at the intersection of many systemic issues, Andre recognizes how vital these interventions are, and how important it is for our elected officials to reflect our communities. 

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